To the Editor:

I am running for Kittitas County Commissioner because I love living here and I want to help shape our future. That begins by tackling serious challenges before us: affordable homes, well-paying jobs, and available water. We need to protect our communities against wildfire, drought, and flooding. How we spend our money now and our preparations today will ensure our safety and quality of life tomorrow.

Like any other job, experience and knowledge is key to effectiveness in government. I offer both. Ellensburg voters have elected me four times to represent them on City Council. I will bring the same hard work and collaborative approach to county citizens. I’ll bring my record of open and fiscally responsible government to the County Commission.

Let me be clear about what I stand for. I am socially responsible and fiscally conservative. I would not have voted to spend $550,000 on a rundown bowling alley when bridges need to be repaired, the rodeo grandstands need to be replaced, and the airport needs investment. Nor would I have supported spending $1.4 million for a neglected mobile home park when we can’t keep up with maintenance on Event Center buildings.

My educational background in geography and water resource management informs my thinking about water and wildfire issues. My experience in state and local government gives me an edge in finding solutions to housing, job creation, flood hazard reduction, and transportation problems. I already have trusting relationships with many of the people and organizations working on the issues facing Kittitas County. I will start the job with a solid base of knowledge and a willingness to listen and learn from constituents.

Our agricultural heritage and today’s ag industry is the backbone of our county. I will be able to support the farmers and ranchers of District 1 because I know how important agriculture is to our economy and the culture. I will work with producers of all sizes to develop projects and policies that support their long-term viability.

My husband Karl and I have raised our sons Erik and Jensen here, and have developed a successful business. We thoroughly enjoy the outdoor adventures Kittitas County has to offer, from the Cascades to the Columbia.

Your vote gives me the opportunity to serve all of Kittitas County citizens with the same dedication I have given the city.

I am asking for your vote for County Commissioner, District One.

Nancy Lillquist



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