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To the Editor:

Outdoor recreation is big business in Kittitas County.

Recreation sites such as the Bureau of Land Management campgrounds at Umtanum, Luma Creek, Big Pines and Roza on the Yakima River or the recreation access areas available at the Puget Sound Energy Wild Horse Solar Facility were only possible through proper planning.

The Kittitas County commissioners recently approved the 2021 Kittitas County Recreation and Tourism Plan. The plan is in name only, it fails to propose event one recreation improvement in Kittitas County.

A recreation facility the commissioners’ own and operate is the Vantage Boat Launch restrooms. These restrooms were filthy, out of toiler paper and closed during busy holiday weekends. Additionally, when you flushed the urinal you were treated to standing in a pool for freshly scented water.

The commissioners currently have no plan or ability to properly operate a restroom, yet want us to publicly comment on their proposed $1 million tax scheme, allegedly for recreation.

Commissioners do not raise taxes until you have an approved million-dollar recreation plan.

Pat Kelleher



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