To the Editor:

After years of valid criticisms by me, I received a letter a few days ago from a lawyer in Seattle that had been hired by Kittitas Valley Healthcare. It states that I am barred from any KVH grounds or any grounds owned by KVH unless there was a medical emergency. (I haven't been to the hospital for months and then it involved my father. That visit involved hospitalist attempting to revoke my father's drivers license with the DMV and placing me under investigation with DSHS in an attempt to have me declared an unfit caregiver.)

This letter states that my "hostile" attitude was causing an "unsafe" work environment for their employees and my absence will make it safer for them. This is not the purpose of this letter at all. Its true purpose is to restrict and complicate my access to health care. Criticism does not create an unsafe work environment.

I have been taking care of my elderly parents for the last few years. My mother passed away at 94 a couple of years ago and I am now looking after my 96-year-old father. Unbelievably, every visit to this hospital has been a nightmare for various reasons. Indifference and ineptness have been the predominant characteristics of these visits with their outright hostility mixed in.

As this letter is written, if my father has a medical emergency at 3 o'clock in the morning and is admitted to the hospital I have to leave him at the front door and attempt to find some supervisor for an "exception" in order to gain entrance for myself. If that "exception" isn't granted then I can only communicate with my father via telephone even though I will be outside the hospital in my car. It goes on to state that if I ignore this and just take my father into the hospital for treatment the police will be called and a trespassing charge will be filed against me. I am my father's caregiver and advocate. I have my father's power of attorney. It is my moral and legal obligation to be with him

KVH administrators — I have a message for you: How would you like to be in my position? After all, this could be your family member I am talking about. Shame on you!

Guy Schober



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