To the Editor:

It looks like there’s been a coordinated effort in putting letters to the editor in favor of Lillquist in the past few editions of the opinion letters.

Cory Wright has a seven-generation history of ranching and farming in association with the Kittitas area. He understands water and how it affects this whole valley. Cory worked in the maritime industry for 20 years. In that field he developed extensive experience and skills including quality management, safety and risk management, government/industry policies and procedures and personnel management. He was also in sales/business development for Crowley Maritime Corporation. Cory already has experience as a county commissioner in that capacity so he won’t need additional on the job training.

Cory Wright’s main opponent, Ms. Lillquist, touts being elected to the city council four times. Granted, she has been this city’s politician, but this is a county election and is larger in scope and concerns. Under her leadership, the city can boast a special bicycle passage on Seventh Avenue (does it get used?) and the all-important 5 cent plastic bag issue, (are you liking it?). Do we really want to be like Seattle or the West Side?

The first two primary issues listed by Lillquist are affordable housing and well-paying jobs. All residents in the county are confronted with housing, but is it a local government’s responsibility and who determines affordability?

Well-paying jobs: Does that mean the local government getting involved with the minute detail of actual hourly wage or should local governments encourage job growth and let the local market and specific areas find the sweet spot of the local value?

As a final side note, editor Michael Gallagher told me that having two opinion pieces in the same month was not allowed as a hard-and-fast rule. Oh? Debby DeSoer had a pro-Lillquist opinion in last Thursday’s paper and also in the Saturday edition. Even though it was the same letter, it was titled differently so it would appear as though it was another opinion piece. Oversight or deliberate?

Steve Zabransky



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