To the Editor:

I have lived on here in Ellensburg on Seventh Avenue since 2005. I always thought one of the great benefits of our house was its central location — until 2017. That was the year the City Council, led by Nancy Lillquist and with virtually no communication to adjoining homeowners, decided to throw a wrench into our city’s transportation flow by opening the “Bike Boulevard.”

Since then, my neighbors and I have had to deal with our own issues simply trying to get to our homes, not to mention the drivers who go the wrong way around the dividers to turn left. Residents and businesses all along Seventh Avenue have similar problems — and for what? I can count the number of bicycles I have seen using that route on two hands since it was installed.

Don’t major changes like this to our city’s road network require more public input before simply saying “someone else will pay for it, so let’s do it?” This is why I’m voting for Cory Wright for County Commissioner.

I have personally experienced what happens when an elected official puts a cause before their constituency. Having spoken to Cory personally about the issues facing us, I believe he truly cares about understanding how a decision will affect Kittitas County before making it. His background in business was built on the realization that customers matter, and I am positive that his experience will carry over into how he treats taxpayers. After all, it’s our money that is being spent. We deserve to have our voices heard before it’s wasted away on special-interest decisions that benefit a few at the expense of the many.

I will cast my ballot with the confidence knowing I voted for the candidate that understands what “listening to voters” really means. I urge my fellow Kittitas County residents to join me in supporting Cory Wright for county commissioner.

Kristi Martone



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