To the Editor:

The Kittitas County Commissioner race for District 1 between three candidates has been interesting to follow. After careful consideration of each person’s qualifications versus the needs of our county, I’ve cast my ballot for Cory Wright. It was actually not difficult to come to this decision. I’ve known Cory and his family for most of his life and have the highest respect for them and their contributions to Kittitas County. They have been an integral part of our progress and it’s refreshing to see Cory do the same. He has a skill set that is made for this position and has already shown the dedication needed for success.

I know Cory and his young family were gone for several years while he pursued his career in the maritime field, but they were always following the goal of returning home. The different positions he held gave him the great knowledge he has today for managing our county while working with state and federal lawmakers to help move us forward. Talk to him and you’ll find a guy with a lot of energy who is sharp and has a desire to do the best for us in Kittitas County. He’s already been successful in securing funding for the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan which protects our water and ensures that our agricultural industry is not left behind. Talk to him about his trip back to Washington, D.C. to meet with our senators and congressional representatives and what made it so successful. As a multi-generational farmer, I know building sustainable irrigation is the lifeblood of our family’s economic future here!

We want to preserve our way of life and our precious resources and not have our area become a new eastern King County. Much more growth is expected over the next 20 years and I’m glad that Cory is in the position to determine how it is managed. With his vision for an economy that protects our historic industry while bringing new opportunity, we will all benefit. He has the full-time experience to continue to be the best for our entire county. Please join me in voting for Cory Wright for District 1 Kittitas County Commissioner. If you couldn’t vote for him during the primary, remember that he will be on the ballot in November, too. He is the right person for the job.

Steve Rosbach

Rosbach Farms, Ellensburg


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