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Disgusted with the leadership at state Department of Transportation

To the Editor:

OK now I’m ticked, the WSDOT refused to let Kittitas County Public Works snow plow operators help reopen Snoqualmie Pass as Kittitas County doesn’t have a vax mandate (they’re fully staffed unlike the WSDOT which is down 400 employees due to vaxxin jay’s mandate), the pass was closed for four days, trapping 100’s of truckers and delaying food shipments and freight all across the state, how much quicker would the pass have been reopened if our snowplow operators could help open it.

How stupid is that to refuse competent snowplow operators in an emergency which the DOT is short of. You’d think they had competent supervisors that could figure out a way to get the pass open sooner using our help.

Apparently they’ve never heard of “social distancing”. Jeezus God, sign me disgusted with the leadership of the WSDOT and the State. I know how I’m voting this year.

Eric Prater


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