To the Editor:

As residents of the Washington 8th district for the past 27 years we, Elizabeth Tickman and I, are excited that there is a real possibility that our U.S. congressional representation can flip from Republican to Democrat for the first time ever. Unfortunately, we are dismayed and astonished that Shannon Hader and her campaign have resorted to blatantly dishonest claims concerning Dr. Schrier’s steadfast support for vaccines.

Shannon Hader knows very well that these claims are untrue although continues to promote these lies. These are the political tactics we have come to know all too well, most notoriously by our current president Donald Trump. Shannon Hader and her campaign have let all Democrats down and set a new low within a primary race among Democrats. Shannon Hader should be ashamed of her campaign and should apologize to all voters and to Dr. Schrier. Above all, this election is about honesty and integrity which will inspire concerned voters in our district, both Democrat and Republican.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Schrier supports vaccines and policies that get every child vaccinated — including mandatory vaccinations and offering vaccines free of cost, like she proposed in her healthcare plan. Dr. Schrier believes vaccinations should be given according to the schedule set forth by the ACIP, AAP, and CDC, and should be required to attend preschool and elementary school. She wholeheartedly supports policies that lead to higher immunization rates and any role the government can play in reaching an end goal of having every medically eligible child in this country immunized.

Ronald Tickman, MD



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