To the Editor:

I learned this (Sunday) morning that Donald Trump has again hopped on the Twitter bandwagon with yet another outlandish accusation that undoubtedly one-third of our nation’s citizens will gobble up like candy to a kid. Donald Trump re-tweeted that Hillary Clinton and former President Barrack Obama are behind the mysterious alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

My God! How far our nation has declined in just under three years. This is the president of our nation! And please newscasters…. don’t refer to him as the “leader of the Free World.” He is not close to being anything of the sort.

What started out as an unexpected leap to the presidency, with help by our former foreign enemy Russia, via underground and illegal campaign and voter influence, Donald Trump has subverted our democratic-republic and its institutions to lows never imagined or conceivable. All the while former loyal Republicans, now Trumpsters, remain silent and deflect about atrocities by the current administration guising that they are patriots and love the USA. It makes me want to vomit.

Remember, the current president is the person whom kicked off his campaign in Trump Tower by saying “Most Mexicans/illegals are rapists and murderers”, he bragged about grabbing a female’s private parts on video. He said on camera that he could murder someone in the middle of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and get away with it. I believe him. He continues to own and operate his businesses while purporting to be making America great.

He’s the man who questioned President Obama’s citizenship and right to be president. He’s the man who described African countries as “fece-hole countries” — although he used a less delicate term. This president referred to neo-Nazis and white nationalists as decent people. He demonstrates disdain for heads of democratic countries while embracing the affection of known dictators and thugs like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin. He loves them and they love him.

Listen to his words because that’s exactly what he’s said. He’s the president who referred to four female congressional women of color in the pejorative and suggested they go “back home.” I guess he meant to their home state. This is the president who garners 70 percent of Caucasian evangelical Christian voter support but doesn’t nor has he ever regularly attended church. Oh, and by the way, referred to Second-Corinthians as “Two-Corinthians” because he doesn’t know any better. This is the president.

Lee Bates



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