To the Editor:

Roslyn went from a booming community of 4,200 people in the 1940s to a near ghost town in the 1960s after the last mine closed. During the 1970s my in-laws and a number of other new citizens refurbished derelict homes and became engaged in keeping the town alive. Most of them, and their families, still live here. Their love and commitment to Roslyn, along with the 1978 historic district designation, led to the vigorous community we have today.

One of those people was Roslyn mayoral candidate Doug Johnson who has lived here continuously for 40 years. Doug has worked as a wildland firefighter, logger, contractor and high school math teacher. He served on the Roslyn City Council and in community groups. Doug is respected as a clear thinking, goal-oriented person by both adults and former students.

Roslyn’s historic designation applies to the footprint the town had a hundred years ago, and still has, a distinction that very few towns can claim. The town is facing a challenge which wasn’t anticipated 40 years ago — the unprecedented building of home sites with many builders pushing the limits of architectural design guidelines. As a volunteer who has served on the Roslyn Planning and Historic Preservation Commission for over 10 years, I know how fragile the town’s historic integrity is. I grew up in the Issaquah and Redmond areas and watched as the historic cores of those downtowns were consumed by development.

As the Chair of the Commission, I have worked under the jurisdictions of four different mayors. Being Roslyn’s mayor is a part-time job with full-time responsibilities. In my opinion, Roslyn is greatly in need of a mayor who both understands Roslyn’s past and who has a vision for its future that focuses on a blend of economic stability and historic integrity. It is in need of someone who believes that our historic designation is critical and will speak up to support it.

Doug Johnson will be that mayor. He has an ability to think broadly, listen deeply and to manage both staff and volunteers. I believe he is the candidate who can ensure stability of the town and its rich assets.

Janine Shinkoskey Brodine



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