To the Editor:

This is an appeal to my Republican friends, those from the GOP era who stood for character, integrity, prudence, small government and local control; those who have seen the principles of their party wrestled from them in the Trump era’s disregard for truth, honor and responsibility; those who want to see the Republican party regain strength, purpose, pride and trust; those with whom I could, in the past, have meaningful discussions about issues that affect all of us, and still can; those who embrace the exhortation of John McCain to his colleagues, “Let’s return to regular order” where we work together, across the aisle.

In November we have a choice to make between a Democrat whose family values reflect those of both traditional Republicans and Democrats, and a Republican who, because of his behavior, is not qualified to represent our families as our 13th District Representative. It is on each of us to ensure that a person who is not fit to lead, is not elected. It is the civic responsibility of all of us who can vote, to do so carefully, for those who can’t: our children.

If Matt Manweller, Republican candidate, were to be re-elected, he would return to a Legislature that has suspended his leadership roles. This hampers his ability to provide the leadership we need and deserve. Without the respect of his fellow lawmakers, the concerns of the 13th district would be short-changed. The fact that we would elect someone who has acted with a total lack of integrity, respect and care, would reflect poorly on our district. If we elect him, we are him.

If Sylvia Hammond is elected, she will listen to all sides of issues to base her decisions on what best meet the needs of the communities she represents, regardless of party affiliation. I have listened to Sylvia and have been impressed with her openness to all ideas, her honesty in responding to questions, her commitment to getting answers. Her candidness is refreshing; she actively listens. As a longtime farmer in the community, she lives the issues. She will focus her power to do the right thing.

Let’s join together to demand the highest standards of honesty, integrity and hard work in government that reflect the family values that Sylvia Hammond embodies. Sylvia Hammond is the candidate that all of us, regardless of party affiliation, can trust to get things done, and be proud to have elected.

Beverly Vifian



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