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To the Editor:

I am writing to the community in support of Stacey Bankston-Engel, who is re-running for Ellensburg City Council. Since raising my own young children in Ellensburg, I’m trying to be more active in our community. I met Stacey four years ago as a member of Ellensburg MOPS. She has such a strong drive for our community and the growth that is needed.

I know that Stacey is the most qualified candidate for this position because of her background in commercial construction. This is most important for the growth of Ellensburg and our community. As a mother herself, she understands the need for growth for our children and family activities.

I value her commitment to the community and the ambition she has to keep and stay up to date with what our community needs. Having a young family of her own she understands the need to help Ellensburg grow with keeping it the same hometown feel.

This is why I would re-elect Stacey Bankston-Engel. She has the knowledge and experience to help our community thrive utilizing her education in construction management. She can bring ideas to our community to help families not only make a living but to come together and live a better life. She brings fresh ideas to the city council and is always expanding her knowledge by listening to our community. Ellensburg needs a councilwoman like Stacey Bankston-Engel, who has a young family as well, to keep our community growing in healthy ways for the future of all our families.

Please vote for Stacey Bankston-Engel,

Nevada Caillier



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