Energy’s future will require independent innovation

To the Editor:

Go ahead and call me old fashioned but I still think that harnessing fire, the wheel and sail are some of humanity’s greatest innovations. Simple but elegant solutions by a few that began to solve problems for all. They are still fundamental building blocks in the foundation of our technical advancement. Granted that today’s technology requires much more intellectual property, I can’t help but think it will be an individual or small group in a garage that will solve the problem of energy storage.

Renewable energy must be able to compete with fossil fuel as an economical, efficient, and reliable source to transition to. While the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, effective and preferably environment friendly methods for storing excess energy will be required before renewables can compete. Until then a good old fire at least still provides both heat and light for just pennies! Right now it is fossil fuel that allows us to manufacture and maintain the components for renewable energy and everything else!

Government mandates that force transition right away will just make energy more expensive, increase national debt, and make life more complicated/difficult than it already is. With government controlling, incentive for free market innovation will decrease and future simple but elegant solutions will be lost. Economically we would need to return to that ancient fire while standing in unemployment lines. Why would we want government telling us what we can and cannot do? Cow farts, really?

We have plenty of time despite what false 60 year old climate disaster alarm theory claims. We also have many good independent innovative minds unless we scare them to death about their future and they give up. Other nations that pollute more than we do will follow innovation that works at reasonable cost.

Socialism has failed every time it has been tried throughout history. The scientific definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How are all those socialist controlled crime, drug, rat infested homeless Utopian communities working out? Thanks to all who responded and made the point of my last letter! Lighten up and be careful with all that hot air!

“Government is not the answer to our problems. Government is the problem.” R. Reagan

Let freedom ring!

Dan Miles



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