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Will my vote count? Lots of news about the election and the mail in voting, deadlines, ect and fraud and abuse.

I look back at two elections here in the state. One in Ellensburg, one statewide election. My vote was counted and the items were passed but neither were ever put into law so why do we vote when only a few people decide they control our vote and the people?

The Ellensburg school bond in 2018 was presented as a new school and money to repair Mount Stuart and Lincoln. The bond passed. But the handful of people on the school board just gave us the middle finger and decided they would spend our money as they darn well please. They decided they would build two new schools and to hell with repairing Mount Stuart or Lincoln.

So folks your vote didn't count This sham was shoved on us by the ESD and the school board told us to stick it. They have our money and the will do as they darn well please. And you can bet your paycheck that in the future this same class of thieves will be back wanting yet another bond to fix Lincoln and Mount Stuart. You see our local School District lies to the people and destroys our right to a fair vote.

Then lets move on to the state. We voted and passed a bill for a $30 license fee. That too was hijacked by our government as they gave us the middle finger and said to heck with our vote. They would control what they wanted done.

So folks when Donald Trump says the voting will result in fraud its very easy to understand exactly what hes talking about.

The saying is there is no honor among thieves and our school district and our legislator in this state are thieves!

So will our vote be counted? Maybe but not before we have another Russia sighting, a few more cops shot and killed, a few more people standing on the corner holding a BLM signs.

And when the votes are cast and the results are displayed and Trump wins again we can look forward to another four years of destruction by the loony left. But hopefully Nancy will be out. Our Supreme Court will pick up two more conservatives and maybe even pass laws that let our unborn live.

Pat Fischer



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