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To the Editor:

To all the recent socialist letters that claim they want “fact checking” for opinion letters.

No you don’t. You want to cancel freedom of thought and speech. That is what right or left socialists do for starters. Cancel individual liberty to defend oneself is another.

And all you others that want us to trust and follow government dictates. How about you fact check that Tony Fauci’s NIAID is under investigation for funding the Wuhan lab to the tune of at least $826K for bat coronavirus research. That’s right the same guy that has been flip-flopping throughout this entire pandemic. Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask, wear 3 masks. Get the vax to stop the need for mask, get the vax and keep wearing a mask. It is highly unlikely the virus escaped from the lab, it may well have escaped from the lab. Just keep doing what we tell you to do because the “science” is “evolving”. Oh and make your children do what we demand they do also. We have ways of forcing all of you to comply because you are just too ignorant of the “facts” and cannot make rational decisions for yourselves.

Remember when we would all reach herd immunity at 70% vax? Well here we are and it sounds like we need 100%. That won’t be enough either because many scientists say like other flu viruses we will never eliminate this China virus and it will continue to pop up for years to come. I trust God, community, parents and individuals to do what is right under the circumstances. I do not trust sleepy hidin Biden, weatherman Inslee, or any bureau-rat like Fauci, CDC or the rest of the global WHO network.

Now how about you fact check that you are not enforcing laws already on the books but demand we obey your new dictates. We have millions of new illegal aliens all over America now. According to circle back girl Psaki speaking for the white house they can refuse the vax and be shipped to any state while American citizens are being forced into the vax. A rational person would conclude the socialists are attempting to create new socialist voters while keeping fear and the China virus going into the next election. Not to mention all the laws being broken as you let criminals off the hook.

Great fair, rodeo, and Bulldog football!

Dan Miles


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