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To the Editor:

Are we not in the midst of the worst so far of the pandemic? Over 376,000 dead? And hasn’t the virus mutated and become more transmissible?

And yet the management of Cambridge and Washington State Housing Finance Commission decides it’s time to do their annual inspections of apartments in the Ellensburg housing units I live in.

First, they do a pre-inspection to fix anything before the WSHFC does their inspection, which is suspect to begin with. If something were wrong that hadn’t been fixed for a year, how would WSHFC know? This is an important inspection as it is connected to the government funds allocated to Cambridge Management for Section 8 housing.

I called management and asked if any of the people who would be entering my apartment had been tested for COVID as we now know there are silent carriers of the disease. Her response was that no one had been tested. Black lives don’t matter to some and apparently neither do poor lives.

I am among the vulnerable population of over 65ers, and that these people in their “infinite” wisdom decide to do this at a time like this and without testing for COVID of the people who will be entering numerous apartments, is monstrous and yet another indication of what is wrong with our nation.

I did object strongly to the times two inspections during a highly contagious viral episode in our nation’s history and management decided not to inspect my apartment but not for the safety reasons stated above. When I called to reschedule, they said I had refused inspection, which is untrue. I have never refused, just delayed, But if they can prove refusal without cause, they can charge me $100. I refuse all right, on the basis of protecting my own health and well being like no one else will.

When their inspectors are tested for COVID and they give me 48 hours notice, I will comply. Simple as that.

Paula McMinn



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