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To the Editor:

Responding to Meghan Anderson’s Wednesday letter, much of what she says is true. However, her overview is why many of us are leery of big government. Politicians from both parties like to spend tax payer money but it matters what for and for what reason. You need to look at all the numbers to get the total picture and to understand deficit and debt. Deficit is the yearly shortfall, but debt is the total of what we owe, a much more important figure.

From government figures when Obama was sworn in Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626T. On Jan. 20, 2017, when he left, it was $19.942T. $9T was added to the debt, more than any other president. This was almost a doubling of the debt and more than all previous presidents combined! The highest annual budget deficit in history was during the first year of the Obama administration in 2009 which was $1.413T. People will give Obama a break saying it was because of the Great Recession. Obama had eight years to square this away, weakest recovery we’ve known. President Trump however, in only three years, brought our economy to the best in over 50 years and possibly the best ever.

George W. Bush tops the deficit list with a total budget deficit of $2.134T during his entire presidency. If you have to give Obama a break, then give the Bush presidency a break also as we had 9-11 and the War on Terror.

Remember, we just passed a relief package of over $2T. Nancy Pelosi has introduced another $3T plus bill with much not related to the pandemic or jobs. Now, which party is more fiscally responsible?

President Trump is also adding to our debt but the healthy growing economy we had is the best way to address deficit and debt numbers. Now, with COVID-19, not his fault, we will see these numbers rising but it is interesting to see how different governors respond to this. I truly believe that many on the left think that the sinking economy is the only way they now have of beating Trump. This is why it appears red states would like to see their economies opening and blue states seem to want to prolong this as much as possible. If the Democrats aren’t chastised in this coming election, we are all in big trouble.

Steve Zabransky



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