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Instead of doom and gloom, scientists should work on solutions

To the Editor:

OK, scientists.

Instead of your constant doom and gloom scaring our next generations that they’re all going to die unless they give up freedom, how about using science to find a solution? Yes actually use your brains to develop clean energy to a point it can compete with fossil fuel the American way. We already know how much you hate our president and more than half of Americans. Tell us something positive you love about socialism as a scientific solution.

“C’mon Man” as Biden would say…”Use the grey matter that farmers don’t have” as Bloomberg would say. …. Start by developing cost-efficient energy storage technology. “But don’t create another profitable business doing it” as Bernie would say. Also develop clean energy storage that is environment friendly “Go ahead and use toxic chemical batteries and plastics but don’t plant trees” as the environmentalists would say. … Just what is it that you geniuses actually have as a positive solution? It’s simple right? Just remove all clean energy hydroelectric dams and stop using oil/gas/coal/nuke for electricity before clean alternate technology is ready to replace it. Even Pocahontas can do it.

What happened to science in school curriculum? Seems to have been replaced by socialist indoctrination and sex-ed from K-Ph.D. rather than practical creative thought, experimentation and innovation. Not long ago hydrogen seemed like a cost effective and environment friendly idea for storing electricity. Simple electrolysis would produce both pure hydrogen and oxygen from water. The hydrogen could be used in simple fuel cells when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing to produce electricity. Its only byproduct is water. The oxygen created during the original electrolysis could be used to bring back the oxygen bars of the ‘80s/’90s to make a profit! What happened that science is no closer to cost-effective energy alternatives than we were 20 years ago? Oh wait …. don’t tell me … ”It’s all George Bush’s fault” as Obama would say. But hey, science has delivered Google, phones and Facebook so we can all stay entertained. Climatologist Al Gore did create the internet too after all. Too bad it all needs electricity to work! Oh well, who needs science to actually innovate when Hollywood socialists have it all figured out.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” — Plato.

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” — T. Edison

You can do it Millennials! … Stay free … Boomer out.

Dan Miles



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