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To the Editor:

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, let’s get that out of the way. I am very tired and disgusted with the “haters” and the “ridiculers” that lead our county Democratic Party.

People who communicate with hate and ridicule and cynicism are “graduates” of the Donald Trump school of communication. Spitting hate, ridicule and cynicism at a person of different lawful values and opinions is easy and characteristic of a loser in my opinion.

I have known Marlene Pfiefer for 55 years. In my interactions with her, she has been strong but tolerant, hard working and a good person; even when we disagreed. I believe she has more “class” in her little finger than the “haters” and “ridiculers” on either side of the political spectrum.

I would like to ask the Daily Record editorial board to not allow the use of a person’s name, use just titles or positions when printing spiteful, cynical and venomous letters of the political left or political right. Facebook edits, why can’t the Daily Record. I would hope we can remember we are all neighbors.

I think the political parties in our county should quit vilifying one another and pull together to find a solution to the homeless beginning to move into the streets of Ellensburg. But ridiculing someone’s values is a lot easier than working together to solve a problem.

Or, in five years, we could put out a sign: Welcome to Little Seattle.

Sam Kayser



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