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To the Editor:

It’s time for the Republican Party to face reality and tell the truth. It’s time for them to acknowledge that our election was fair and legal, that it was not stolen or fraudulent. Sixty-some lawsuits alleging election fraud were dismissed for lack of evidence (and some of the judges in these cases were Trump-appointed). It was a clean election. Sadly, many still believe the baseless allegations.

Last week we saw the result of belief in this lie — our Capitol was invaded. We are extremely lucky that our legislators were not taken hostage or worse. But a Capital police officer was murdered and another officer was deliberately crushed by the rioters. Four of the rioters died too. This tragedy proceeded from the election fraud lie pushed by a sitting president and his supporters.

So what’s the outcome? Will the insurrection quietly disappear? Probably not, if the election fraud lie stands — and that is why it’s critical that the Republican Party repudiate the lie. Any sympathy for the riot participants is sympathy for murder.

And that’s also why I call on our local Kittitas Republicans to tell the truth to their members. I’m glad you condemned the violence, but the violence will continue unless you tell the truth about the election.

Tell the truth.

Catherine Cook



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