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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Joshua Thompson and his run for Ellensburg City Council Position 2. The following will outline the character and passion Joshua has for our city and briefly describe my interactions with him as a neighbor and friend.

I first met Joshua as a neighbor when we lived across the street from each other in 2015. Joshua and his wife, Ines, quickly became friends of my wife and I and although we do not live in the same neighborhood today, we frequently still get together whether it is for Seahawks Sundays, birthday celebrations or other events.

In a short time after meeting, I could tell the passion he had within our neighborhood and how he wanted to make it safe on the busy street we lived on. Living on a side road off of Water Street, we both lived near an intersection without stop signs going either direction. Cars would consistently speed up and down the street, making it dangerous for the families that lived on the street. Joshua jumped into action about it and brought it to the city’s attention.

I can attest to Joshua’s character from this experience. He properly did the right thing in the situation. He came over to discuss with me and get my insights on it. He was concerned for the safety of the families on the street and I could tell how important it was to him.

Although this is just one example and my own personal experience, I have no doubt Joshua is going to have the right intentions for this position and bring his positive perspective to the City Council. He’s had the drive since the day he moved to Ellensburg and throughout his campaign other voters are going to get a sense of that passion and character.

Jared Johnson


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