Keep eyes on traffic, not on cell phone

To the Editor:

Earlier this week I came very close to running over a pedestrian in a crosswalk in Roslyn. I’m most grateful that no one was hurt, but since we didn’t have a chance to exchange pleasantries, I’d like to explain what this near-miss was like from inside the vehicle:

I waited at the crosswalk until the woman, who was very engrossed in a telephone conversation, reached the curb. I then started forward. Without looking up from her phone, the pedestrian suddenly reversed course and walked back into the intersection. Fortunately I was able to brake in time to stop before hitting her. The car behind me had also started forward and was able to slam on his brakes without rear-ending me. He did, however, feel the need to honk his horn angrily. At that moment the woman removed one finger from her phone and gave me an international gesture of disrespect.

If I had hit this woman in the intersection she would have had the satisfaction of knowing she was technically in the right. She would have also had the inconvenience of being maimed or even dead.

I am frequently the pedestrian as well, and would ask that whether we are behind the wheel or on foot that we all try to focus less on or phones and more on our surroundings whenever there is a potential to collide with each other.

Safe walking (and driving).

David Cross



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