To the Editor:

Any actual independent or conservative professors at CWU?

The “Left and Right” columns by both Todd Schaefer and Anthony Stahelski would suggest not. At first it would appear they are attempting to be fair and presenting both sides of an argument. During and after their expert ramblings, the socialist left always wins. From past and recent columns, it is obvious they are just pretending to be anything other than left.

Ex:Todd: “I leave aside the hypocrisy that Republicans like Lindsey Graham could be so pure about perjury regarding Clinton, and then put Kavanaugh, a proven liar, on the Supreme Court, a branch where keeping oaths is supposedly key to its function.” A proven liar about what Todd? Not being the sex predator you and the actual liars tried to frame him as? Have you geniuses figured out yet what “crime” our president deserves impeachment for other than just your pure hatred? America First Nationalism bad?

Ex:Tony: “Once again we have a president who does not grasp that there is a two centuries-long global struggle between democracy and non-democracy. In this struggle alliances between democracies matter”. Great logic Doc. We should be Kurdish shields for another 200 years since killing ISIS and their leader Al-Bad-Daddy for the past decade did not help them at all to defend themselves going forward. Maybe bomb Turkey while we’re at it? World control globalism good?

Would really like to hear an actual conservative point of view from CWU once in awhile. The school of journalism interviews would also benefit from this rather than left only indoctrination. If CWU conservatives no longer exist, at least Todd and Tony could be honest enough to acknowledge they are proud big government liberals rather than fake left and right. I is a college grad too you guys! After that the real world became my most important education. Didn’t get rich but I became a proud free market conservative. It is what pays the bills/taxes and creates the prosperity that enables helping others in need. It was also instrumental in defeating both communist and nazi government socialism. How’s that for left and right? Kilroy is still here.

“A nation trying to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle”, W. Churchill

We are thankful for freedom from want and for giving unto others. Merry Christmas to all!

Dan Miles



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