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To the Editor:

As an alumna of Kittitas Schools, I want to share why I will be voting for the four-year general fund replacement of “expiring” educational programs and replacement levy and the four-year capital projects technology improvement levy.

I cherish the community I live in and the memories I made while attending Kittitas kindergarten through the 12th grade. The personalized education I received was because of the great staff and the school district size. The friendships I made, I still have today. The teachers I had served as my first mentors in life and shaped who I am today. Many things have changed while other things have not.

Our school has always had a high rate of participation from our student body in sports, clubs, and organizations. Our students are competing at a high level in all areas. This fall our girls high school volleyball team was recognized for high academic honors and our other sports teams are competitive at the state level and have garnered state championships.

In addition to turning out gifted athletes and smart students, our teams and clubs are recognized for sportsmanship and positive attitudes. That is a Kittitas cultural tradition and has not changed. We pride ourselves on raising caring, kind, and responsible kids that go on to make a positive impact in our world. What has changed, is the sheer amount of kids attending Kittitas Schools and technology world-wide.

Our district does a great job with the resources allotted to try and keep current with the ever-changing world we live in. The district is moving forward with updating materials for reading, math and science. The district has applied for and received grants in career and technical programs. Unfortunately, the small school structure we cherish doesn’t get as much funding as larger schools.

In order to keep our competitive edge and provide the best education possible for our kids, we need to pass the general fund levy and the technology levy. Not all costs in the technology field, transportation and food service areas are covered by the state of Washington. Our levy supplements these additional costs. The Replacement levy rate will continue to be $2.34 per thousand. This means no additional increase there. The separate Instructional Technology Improvement levy asks .49 per thousand. What a small price to pay to prepare the future generation with the necessary skills to take care of us in the future.

Crystal Church


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