To the Editor:

Dear Kittitas County,

The Ellensburg Public Library's Summer Reading Program concluded Wednesday with the start of school! For me, this annual program is a shining example of what is best about this community where we live. Our library is an organization that is for the people of the county and is a reflection of the generosity that we receive. Look how we shined this summer.

One-thousand and seventy-four children and adults from the city and county registered for the reading program. Sixty-five programs for babies, teens and children of all ages were provided. Three-thousand, six-hundred and forty-two people attended these offerings. We gave 1,080 prizes as reading incentives. Wow! How did we do it?

We have an excellent staff and volunteer support team. Many people freely and kind-heartedly contribute their skills and time, including the Friends of the Library who raise money specifically for programming and books for youth. Those with talents share their skills and passion: like teacher -Megan Rivard; artist - Allison Carpenter; astronomer — Bruce Palmquist; film-buff — Ralla Vickers; and tinkerer — Nick Gonzales …just to name a few. AND we received generous donations from local businesses, Jerrols and Winegars!

There are many unnamed here, but still appreciated. You all support excellent opportunities for youth of all ages (and adults!). Thank you for continuing to keep the Ellensburg Public Library as the heart of the community. Ellensburg rocks!

Sue Hart

Youth Services Librarian, Ellensburg


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