To the Editor:

I fully support Nancy Lillquist for Kittitas County Commissioner. I have observed and interacted with Nancy in meetings and hearings in her roles on Ellensburg City Council and as a member on advisory boards. Not only is Nancy hard working and knowledgeable in important issues, but she truly cares about Kittitas County. Listening is the most needed skill when dealing with issues and multiple opinions, and Nancy listens. She exhibits thoughtfulness in her questions and practicality in her judgments. With her past experiences in city government, county committees, and advisory boards, I don't know of a more qualified and caring candidate.

Nancy’s background and education in water resources uniquely qualifies her for guarding our livelihoods and our environment. Nancy has critical business skills as do other commissioners and candidates, but her understanding of the natural resources sets her above and apart. When one manages water resources, she quickly learns to look holistically at issues and causes, to consider multiple inputs, and to determine best uses for current and future population and environmental needs. This expertise is vital for our county’s future.

Wildfire affects all citizens and visitors of Kittitas County. As her past has shown, Nancy will work cooperatively with land owners and managers to provide for a resilient environment and fire adaptive communities.

Kittitas County needs critical and diverse thinking for its future. I trust that Nancy Lillquist will provide such thinking and astuteness, and I will vote for her.

Judy E.I. Hallisey

hydrologist and retired USFS Cle Elum District Ranger, Cle Elum


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