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To the Editor:

Earlier this week a herd of goats got out of a pasture in Boise, they were there to graze down some brush, "We rent goats" was the company name, they're used to graze brush that would be expensive to remove mechanically.

One of their purposes is "Wildfire Abatement", which got me thinking of the Evans fire on the LT Murray DNR property, 75,000 acres (so far) burned five homes, numerous outbuildings (future lawsuits to be paid to reimburse for causing them to burn down), over 1,000 firefighters hired to fight it, over 10 aircraft to drop water, 20 or so bulldozers for fire lines all costing millions of dollars. Not to mention all the CO2 put into the atmosphere, causing more climate change/health problems.

I've only got a high school education but wouldn't it be cheaper to graze the LT Murray property then pay for all those millions of dollars to fight fires? Why not hire a permanent fence crew, make a little money off grazing rights, wouldn't it be cheaper to restore the habitat from livestock damage then the millions spent on fires?

Of course I'm not as smart as the scientist/pointy headed types in the windowless DNR offices in Olympia. Log it, graze it or watch it burn is what I am fond of saying as I breath the smoke from the Evans Fire. Livestock as wildfire abatement would be cheaper then 1,000's of firefighters every year as with "Climate Change" coming this is going to be a long term problem. Stop Climate Change with cows! Is my new motto.

Of course I'm not seeing the DNR as being open to this idea as they are stuck in their ways of mismanaging rangeland and making us breath smoke causing more health problems. Livestock grazing stops us from breathing smoke! Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

Eric Prater



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