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To the Editor:

I think it is not a good idea to have masks required if we, as low-income citizens, have so much trouble obtaining them. I’m personally lucky to have a mom who can seem to afford to give me some. But I just priced them once again, hoping to snag a box of 100 for $10. Nope. They want around $50 at Jerrols for 50 masks.

This is the cheapest price around town, as six masks at Circle K costs $7-8. How can the average low-income family or individual who already has a bunch of household supplies that they need, afford to buy masks at this price? This is too expensive, and they would like you to wear a mask to buy a mask. This is ridiculous!

I propose that the government either gives us all more income so we can afford it, or provides at least one makes per day free of charge to all low-income individuals, available at least Washington wide with no shipping delays. Or they don’t male it mandatory for low-income people.

Dennis Earl Smiley



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