To the Editor:

Ballots will soon be found in your mailbox as it’s that time of year again. Names you’re never seen or heard of, Initiatives that were passed long ago but now may be repealed, etc. etc. Reading through the voter’s guide for your crash course on what’s at stake can be difficult and a bit dry, but necessary to feel as though an informed vote has been cast … at least that’s often my experience.

Perhaps the name Matt Anderson will be new to you when you open the guide or maybe it’s new within the last several weeks as you’ve seen a sign or maybe he shook your hand as he introduced himself on your doorstep. For me, I became familiar with the name Matt Anderson in 1991 in a dorm at Eastern Washington University where he was a Hall Officer and Residential Adviser — early training to serve the residents around him.

Matt’s resume (see it at in Ellensburg speaks for itself as to his dedication to this community as well as his family. He’s simultaneously worked as a director of two departments for Kittitas County, one being the Fairgrounds, which brings one of the best-known events to the Valley in the Kittitas County Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo and the other being maintenance, charged with keeping all the county buildings, including the jail up and running.

He’s previously volunteered his time on the Kittitas County Planning Commission and continues to volunteer on the Chamber’s Tourism Committee and the Ellensburg Lodging Tax Committee where he has earned a reputation of looking at proposals with a critical eye and perspective of maximizing value. As his kids have grown, Matt has been a volunteer basketball coach and constant presence at sporting and scholastic events. Perhaps you already know Matt through his wife Theresa who is a teacher in the Ellensburg School District and worked hard keep the Children’s Activity Museum open for as long as it was.

Matt’s dedication to this community will no doubt continue for decades as he raises his kids and builds a solid foundation for all families and residents in Ellensburg. His service on City Council will be a valuable asset to the future of the town!

Matt Anderson … yes please!

Ryan Roberts



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