To Editor:

My favorite class during my time at CWU was by far my American Political Thought and Culture class with Matt Manweller. He used a variety of teaching techniques to reach students, we played games, listened to music, and were encouraged to bring in material from our lives that represented American political culture.

Manweller isn’t partisan in class. While students know his personal political views because he’s a state representative, he’s not a professor that preaches his personal politics to his class like so many other professors. In one of his classes we read a book by well-known liberal commentator Chris Matthews, "America: Beyond Its Grandest Notions."

Manweller answered all student’s questions in a respectful, thoughtful manner. I took one of his classes in the fall of 2015 as the debates for presidential candidates were beginning. Students often asked about candidates, we even talked about election trends in presidential candidates. Manweller didn’t state his party preference or even his favorite candidate. He made predictions based on theories we learned and encouraged us to make predictions as well. He listened to us and questioned our thinking based off political theories and laws, not his opinion.

Manweller helped me make connections that have lead me to my career in politics. He uses his political connections to help his students succeed. He encourages all students to do the legislative internship, not just students who were conservative. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without Matt Manweller. He introduced me to so many people in politics and connected me to many opportunities that helped me grow and find my passion in life. Manweller has never been anything but professional to me. He has been a great professor, adviser, and mentor to myself and many other students. He never treated his female students differently, he was always appropriate. He connected me to opportunities because I worked hard and I was enthusiastic about politics.

I’m grateful that I met Matt Manweller and was one of his students. I enjoy continuing to collaborate with him on projects for my current job. He is very well suited to serve in the Legislature. He brings a different perspective than the other representatives. He’s studied political science, but he doesn’t just study it, he lives it. Washington state, the 13th Legislative District, and CWU need Matt Manweller and are lucky to have him serving.

Elizabeth Catterson



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