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To the Editor:

I encourage voters to vote for Nancy Goodloe for Ellensburg City Council, Position 2.

Our growing community will face many challenges in the coming years, and City Council member Nancy Goodloe has the knowledge we need to guide us through the many changes that will affect all of us. Nancy’s experience with the complexities of how City departments function will aid her in the avoidance of problems that come with growth.

Nancy Goodloe’s vision for Ellensburg’s future includes a thriving and successful downtown, while maintaining the historic core that is so much a part of the small town feel we all enjoy. COVID brought us down, but I think Nancy can bring us back.

Nancy also has a strong commitment to growth that includes affordable housing for all people, retirees and low income folks, as well as professionals with families who are first home buyers. Her focus is to insure that availability and affordability in the housing market will meet the needs of our growing community.

It is important at this time of growth that we keep Nancy on the Ellensburg City Council because of her experience. Whether we like it or not, our community is growing, and change is going to be part of that growth. Nancy is strongly committed to an inclusive, friendly and economically strong Ellensburg. She believes in the importance of managing growth while maintaining the best of what our community already offers. There is a balance, and Nancy can help us to achieve that balance as we welcome new citizens into our growing community.

Ballots will be in our mailboxes soon. Please vote for Nancy Goodloe for Ellensburg City Council, Position 2.

Terry Martin


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