To the Editor:

Politics is ugly. But what about governance? That we all depend on, whatever our political differences. We need water for our crops, safe food, schools for our kids, electricity, sewer systems, waste management, police, fire protection, hospitals, roads to drive on, airports to fly from, public lands for camping and hunting. … You get the picture.

One of the essential functions of government is keeping our waters and lands healthy so they can sustain us and our economy well into the future — seven generations, or more. As community members, families, property owners, business owners, and farmers and ranchers in Kittitas County, our wellbeing depends on the long-term health of our environment. We need sustainable natural resource and land use management to ensure our economic security.

We stand at a crucial point in the development of our county. Will we choose to protect the wellbeing of people in our county as development intensifies? Will we come up with innovative ways to sustain our local economy? Will we auction off our lands and resources to the highest bidders? Decisions that determine answers to these questions are being made now. Who we elect to govern for us matters a lot.

You guessed it: this is an endorsement. I’ve got one of those “I’m voting for Nancy Lillquist” signs in my yard. We must elect a county commissioner who understands what’s at stake and knows what to do. Nancy Lillquist is qualified. She’s got good sense and cares for people without regard to politics. Points of view and interests of all kinds of people are important to her. We can all trust her to listen and help find solutions to difficult problems.

She has served as mayor and city councilmember and has experience working with other decision makers at the local, county, and state levels. She has expertise in floodplain management, forest health, wildfire risk management, and other areas of natural resource management. She appreciates the importance of healthy soils and conserving our water for local use. She has worked with the Kittitas County Emergency Management Board, the County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, and the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board.

Politics is not what’s important in this election. It’s not often that we have someone so qualified to serve us in governance. I rest assured that Nancy is dedicated to service and can help us meet the challenges that face us.

Stefanie Wickstrom



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