To the Editor:

I strongly support Nancy Lillquist for Kittitas County Commissioner.

I have lived in Kittitas County for nearly 20 years and have worked on specific projects with commissioners in the past. I have been concerned with the lack of understanding of what the job entails from current and former commissioners. Candidates are routinely ill-equipped to serve in the role and this leads to lawsuits, contract violations, budget problems, short-term planning, and poor decision-making.

I believe that Nancy possesses the requisite skills, knowledge, and experience to be successful in this role. She has a long history of strategic planning and big picture thinking on behalf of all the citizens of Kittitas County. I spent 9 years serving on Ellensburg City Council with Nancy and know her to be a smart and thoughtful person. Her ability to parse out small details in the budget process, cut through to the meat of an issue, and quickly understand the potential implications of a decision always impressed me.

We've had too many years of the County being sued by various groups, individuals, and the state due to the lack of knowledge and basic understanding of budgeting and management by the people leading our County. We are about to lose to retirement the only staff person in the entire County infrastructure who actually understands the budget and all the implications of financial management. This will very quickly become an crisis for our County and we should all be paying attention.

The dearth of long-range vision and strategic planning from current and former Commissioners should cause us all a great deal of concern. We all live here, we should all be worried. It is time for a change. It is time for a leader who can see the big picture, plan for depth in professional staff, and ensure that ethical decisions are made at all levels. Vote for Nancy, she is the right person for the County.

Democrat or Republican doesn't matter at the county level. It is time for a commissioner who knows employment law, fiscal responsibility, understands conflict of interest, and practices legal and ethical leadership. It is time for Nancy Lillquist. Vote for her and you vote for bringing experienced and knowledgeable leadership to our County for the first time in decades.

Jill Scheffer



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