To the Editor:

As voters in this upcoming election, we have an unique opportunity to elect a candidate for County Commissioner who is actually qualified to do the job.

Nancy Lillquist has served on the Ellensburg City Council for 17 years which gives her a breadth of public service experience unmatched by her opponents. She understands how efficient government works — she already has the knowledge to do the job and the respect of those with which she serves.

Nancy Lillquist may be the most qualified candidate to ever run for County Commissioner. She has lived and worked in Kittitas County for 28 years. An Ellensburg City Councilmember since 2001, Nancy has built a reputation as a smart, hardworking and practical public servant, respectful of different viewpoints. She earned a master’s degree in Water Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin and a bachelor’s degree in Geography from CWU (Summa cum Laude). Professionally she has worked on water quality, stream habitat, and flooding issues.

Kittitas County is facing tough issues: population growth, limited water resources, wildfires, limited employment opportunities, and staggering housing costs. These complex problems require we elect officials that have the experience and brainpower to address these issues — and Nancy Lillquist is that candidate.

I encourage everyone in Commissioner District One to vote for Nancy Lillquist.

Gayl Curtiss



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