To the Editor:

Voting for Nancy Lillquist is a vote for a true conservative. Although she has a “D” by her name on the ballot, I would call Nancy an independent and conservative voice in the county.

First, she is fiscally conservative. If you know Nancy and her husband Karl, you’d know that if an item can’t be found at a yard sale or made from scratch, they can probably do without. They hunt, grow and preserve much of their own food because they understand that when you work to produce something yourself, you value it more. Nancy will take this same approach to governing Kittitas County; she’ll guard our precious tax dollars closely and only allocate them where they are needed most. No bowling alleys or trailer parks on her agenda!

Second, she is a careful manager of resources. From her many years on city council and various public commissions, she knows that water, farmland, and forests need careful stewardship to provide for generations to come. While she encourages sensible development, she won’t do so at the expense of agriculture and our recreation lands.

Lastly, she believes in keeping good relationships with those we have to work with. Many of our county commissioners have had a contentious, reactionary approach to outside organizations, which has resulted in lost opportunities to shape the policies that affect us. Nancy is pragmatic and hardworking. She’s honest and does not sugarcoat her opinions, but she’s also civil and diplomatic, qualities we need in a county commissioner.

Please vote for Nancy Lillquist, a conservative in the true sense of the word.

Allison Carpenter



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