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To the Editor:

Interesting that when accessing your website, a box pops up before you can enter asking readers to support local journalism by giving a donation and yet the reason for my letter is about "national columnists," an apparent "national viewpoint" from the L.A. Times, and a political cartoon obviously not drawn by any local journalists.

In Thursday's edition on page A4 you have 2 opinion pieces by the national columnists entitled "Donald Trump must step down" and "No surprise at what happened in D.C." Then you have a piece from the L.A. Times entitled "Trump is responsible for the violent storming of Capitol" and just so all your readers know exactly where this paper's political leanings are, just in case the three articles didn't drive the point home, you have a political cartoon depicting the Trump Team as a deranged looking primate hanging from the Capitol building inciting violence.

I know newspapers typically lean left, but what happened to providing more than just one viewpoint? At least most newspapers make a token effort to seem fair and balanced, at least they used to. When did it become not OK to have a different viewpoint? So what you have failed to do, I will attempt to do by offering your readers a chance to read a different opinion and check out an article written by Jason Whitlock entitled "Ignoring the concerns of Trump supporters will destroy America."

Not that this op-ed is right and the ones in your paper are wrong, it just offers readers a different point of view and then they can decide for themselves. Isn't that the point of newspapers, to offer a wide variety of views/opinions and trust their readers to formulate their own ideas?

Frankly, I find it insulting and dangerous that newspapers, social media platforms, and media outlets find it necessary to shield readers from opposing views, as if we don't have the common sense needed to discern various viewpoints and think for ourselves. I really believe in supporting local newspapers by having a subscription and enjoy many other aspects of your paper, but I find your lack of fair and balanced reporting (or publishing of articles from the AP) so disturbing that I felt the need to write this letter.

Lisa Lemons



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