To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the current open city council position and why Nicole Klauss is an experienced choice for the position. It is important for the those in leadership positions in our community to have experience, be actively involved and have the dedication to continuously improve the place we call home. Klauss ranks high in all of these categories, which is why she is the one we need for future of our community.

Klauss is currently on the city council in an appointed position. Prior to having a spot on the council, she attended meetings as a reporter with the Daily Record, which has allowed her to be current on what is going within the community. She not only has experience in a leadership role on the city council, but also on the board of directors for Rodeo City Rollergirls — a local nonprofit organization. In her role as public relations officer, she is constantly working with people throughout the community.

Dedication and organization are important traits for a leader in the community to have. Klauss has proved that she has these traits in the time and commitment she has already given to our community. Everything she does is well thought out, efficient and organized. Klauss also is a candidate that cares what the community has to say. She will listen and take in what is brought to her attention. This is something I find important and what I want from a city council member.

If elected for the city council position, I am confident that Nicole Klauss will not disappoint.

Alicia Wagner



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