To the Editor:

Instead of addressing the root of the traffic fees issue (Daily Record editorial this month) and government spending— too expensive for developers without adding any value to a project — the Ellensburg City Council simply puts the onus on “Others” (taxpayers) to pick up the tab for affordable housing project builder. Isn’t that typical of Democrats including Nancy Lillquist current candidate for County Commissioner?  The more responsible action would be to discover why the fees are so expensive for any developer, not just for one that provides the government accommodation of “affordable housing".

Readers, don’t go down the rabbit hole of attacking sensitivity for ”the poor.” That label is relative for each of us — we’re all poor in relation to a Bill Gates. Thousands in this valley who go to hard work every day, to not stand in breadlines for public handouts, have their paychecks confiscated by government decision-makers who pander to voting blocs: e.g. bicyclists, which I have never seen on the road built for their accommodation at the inconvenience of drivers and businesses along the “bicycle corridor”; highrise-density development east of town that will need hook and ladder firetrucks, homeless encampments that will vote with same day voter registration and no confirmation for citizenship or residency whose “camping sewage” should be monitored by the Health Department — all on the watch of the current City Council.

I am not impressed with Lillquist, running for commissioner to make better decisions county-wide.

Sandy Elliot



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