To the Editor:

OK, elections are over. We the people have did our civic duty and voted. Now its you elected officials turn to do the bid of the people.

Let’s start with some facts. Kittitas County population, 46,205. Has two department stores — Fred Meyer and Bi-Mart. What are you elected officials going to do about giving us some shopping. Ellensburg’s population is 20,977 and Moses Lake’s population is 23,328.

Moses Lake has a large choice of stores to shop in while 3,000 fewer people in Ellensburg have two department stores. Moses Lake has a median income of $47,914 per household. Ellensburg has $28,341. And the only reason that number is where it is is because the $100,000 wages the teachers voted themselves along with the college professors. This tells me the county is not doing the job we elected them to do but rather siding with Ellensburg city in keeping out businesses.

If you people have not been on Pine Street lately you should travel down there and see all the empty store fronts the city is protecting from "growth" that will harm local business. To the city fathers that bus left years ago right behind JC Penneys and the rest.

It’s time for you elected personal to do something to bring jobs to Ellensburg not to the college kids. The huge increase in property values by the county assessor is going to demolish any hope senior citizens, who have given their life’s blood to this county, ever had of staying in their homes till they can no longer function.

Seems anymore in this world like those who play by the rules, support their city, pay their taxes, get the shaft. I am looking at you newly elected officials to do something about righting the wrongs here in Ellensburg. If Ellensburg does not start doing something for the people that live here and quit giving everything to CWU our votes will go next year to someone who will.

I for one am tired of driving to Yakima to do my shopping twice a month. Most folks here go to Yakima for medical and dental as doctors no longer want to come here. Kittitas County with 2,297 square miles, it is one of the largest counties in the state and you County Commissioners can only give us two department stores. Time to shape up or get voted out. You have one year!

Pat Fischer



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