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To the Editor:

In response to the letter by Megan Anderson, I want to point out that she forgot one big detail. The budget is not made by the president but by Congress, so giving the President credit is not accurate.

The facts show that Clinton had a Republican House and Senate that made the budget thus reducing the deficit. Barak Obama only had a Democratic majority for the first two years of his presidency. By 2014, both houses of Congress were Republican. Donald Trump is currently with a Democratic House and a Republican Senate.

Math may be factual, but there's more to the picture than just who is President. The president does not make financial policy all on his own. President Reagan begged many times for a "Line Item Veto" so he could cross out the stuff he didn't agree with. Basically, the president is handed what Congress decides, and its an all or nothing affair. Giving the president credit for that is misleading.

In the case of both Clinton and Obama, the Republican Party is more responsible for the deficit reduction than the president, therefore, Megan is giving the wrong party the credit.

A fine example of this is happening right now--the Democrats are passing a 3 trillion dollar package that has $1.5 trillion s of gluck that has nothing to do with the COVID pandemic. The Republicans have rejected this in favor of a more responsible funding option. Any statistics that Megan wants to throw out at President Trump will need to be directed at Nancy Pelosi — who happens to be a Democrat. She's the one writing up these bloated bills to fund her pet projects.

If you really want to reduce government spending, do not put Democrats in control.

Angela Lewis



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