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To the Editor:

Our government appears to be exploiting the pandemic, or what may be more closely called a planned dermic, and what started out as a temporary shutdown, also as not to overwhelm or spike admissions to our hospitals, turns out to be this — a national state of hysteria?

The police state, shadow government or deep state has been anticipating this for years as to test their police powers.

The administration has asked Congress (under declared emergency) to allow suspension of parts of our Constitution when it deems it necessary during this (Chinese Communist Party virus) pandemic.

Look at the lockdown powers at both the federal and state level, with the ability to suspend the Constitution, detain American citizens, bypass courts, quarantine people or communities or segments of our population.

They are talking about forced vaccinations supported by digital certificates (Dr. Anthony Fauci), also proposing to force everyone to download a phone app that will track their movements. This allows government to track people (our new cars are programmed with GPS) which is an assault on our privacy and liberty. Even talk of reshaping financial markets, create a digital currency (restrictions of the use of cash).

Once you surrender your freedoms to government, you’ll never get them back. Hopefully people will see what is going on here. But I am afraid that most people are fearful of government and are easily controlled. It should be the other way around. The people are the masters, the government the servant. They are elected by us and are supposed to represent us with the law particularly the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is obvious that we the people are being bought off by government with printed money, printing it out of nothing. Not enough people are standing up to this abuse of power, it’s much easier to sit back and hallucinate in this debt money.

I agree, it is hard to stand up and fight abusive government because you have to do so with your own money if you go to court and pay for the right to argue there. Government, on the other hand, does not have that problem because they can print money out of nothing and beat you into the ground. Case at point is the $40 million spent on the Russian hoax, and also what happened to Michael Flynn. It’s hard to believe this is happening in our country.

Dave Bridgeman

Cle Elum


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