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To the Editor:

On Saturday, March 24, at Fifth Avenue and Main Street during the anti-gun March for our Lives protest, I observed a cowardly act directed against the march participants. While I was there, some drivers in a small number of cars would honk and wave, sending up cheers from the crowd. It was nice to hear.

Then at one point, a scruffy looking white guy in a shabby pickup stopped at the light going south. When the light turned green he started to go through the intersection and, reaching his hand out his open window, gave us, women, men, children and teenagers, the "finger" as he drove away. In my judgment he is just the type of awful person the NRA and Trump encourage.

Was the grossness the driver was showing by his low behavior the community's standard in Ellensburg? Or were the demonstrators expressing good sense and the ideals of a constitutional democracy and fair minded people concerned for human life, especially for innocent children and young people? I believe the community in Kittitas County is fair minded and will evaluate the stakes involved and give high value to life over deadly pieces of metal and gun powder.

Pete Paget



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