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To the Editor:

If elected, Biden would be the oldest President ever elected. Many refer to him as a Trojan Horse. You must know that a Biden-Harris ticket, in actuality, is a Harris Presidency and Kamala is not impressive. She has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate, co-sponsored the “Green New Deal,” which would break our economy, was very snarky and rude during the Kavanaugh hearings and also lied about “honest Abe” during her V.P. debate. Kamala was the first Democrat to drop out of the presidential race because she only had 2 percent support. Kamala said she believed women’s allegations of sexual misconduct from Biden and also indicated belief in past racism from Biden. Now she is his V.P. choice?

Both Biden and Harris take few questions on the campaign trail, and the ones they take are usually classed as softballs. They know the media will cover for them and are all helping to let Biden just limp to the finish line. In addition, “the squad” and other leftist pressure, will continue to push them even farther left.

Now for local elections. For me, it’s time for Inslee and Kim Schrier to go. Schrier was a known liberal when she ran, proven now as she votes 100% with Pelosi and 93% with A.O.C. She voted to defund the police with a $600 million dollar cut to the Federal Assistance Grant fund. Schrier voted against the Born Alive Amendment and voted to block rural broadband access. Jesse Jensen is the way to go!

Clay Myers knows the county and the department well. Cory Wright is my commissioner and deserves another term. Alex Ybarra is unopposed and Tom Dent works hard for us. Two not well- known positions, Public Lands and Public Instruction, would do well with Sue Kuehl Pederson and Maia Espinoza for their respective spots. Don’t forget that all-important write-in campaign for Lieutenant Governor, Joshua Freed.

Even with all his flaws, President Trump is a known quantity and accomplished much in his first term. The Democrats have promoted false Russian narratives, impeachment based on weak grounds and have done everything to harm and not cooperate in any way with the current administration. They need to be chastised hard this election.

Steve Zabransky



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