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To the Editor:

God is trying to get our attention! You may have dismissed this letter as soon as you saw the word “God,” but I beg you to listen. Please listen — as if you are trapped in a burning building and I’m telling you how to escape!

2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? But our real problem is not the pandemic, or the radical left, or climate change, or systemic racism, or a crazy president, or socialism creeping in. These may be problems, but the root is deeper — it’s the human heart and our rebellion against God.

God Almighty, our Creator, deserves all respect and obedience. He has given us his Word, the Bible, to let us know who he is, and how to please and honor him. Yes, he could fix all the world’s problems, but we have brought them on ourselves, and he lets them continue in the hope that we will turn to him.

How to turn to him? The old fashioned word is repentance—an about face away from sin. As individuals and as a nation we must get on our knees and beg for mercy. Starting with all of us who say we believe in him. Do we put him first? Do we love our neighbors? What does his Word really say about justice, about babies in the womb, about sexuality, about money? We have all offended the great, powerful, holy, majestic creator of our souls and our universe. We all need his forgiveness; no one can claim the high ground.

But the good news is that he loves us! He loves us so much that he came as a man, Jesus, who died horribly on a cross, then came back to life to show the victory that can be ours — if we will only recognize him as God, and thank him for taking the punishment we deserve. … Then he will help us with our smaller problems.

Jean Lembeck



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