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Seats or streets.

The Lincoln campus is 3.85 acres. The Morgan campus is 7.44 acres.

The Ellensburg School District purchase of the Winegar site (29 acres) can be used to remove the 18 acre building restriction on the Mount Stuart campus (26 acres) required by the State of Washington.

By February 2019 the November 2018 School Bond was grossly over budget by $7.4 million: Mount Stuart $1.7 million, new school $3 million for streets and Lincoln $2.7 million.

Executive Committee Minutes for Aug. 26, 2019 “It is the opinion of the Value Engineering study and has been confirmed by cost opinions from Garco that not developing the Winegar site could save in excess of $5 million due to removing frontage and utility costs.”

The School Board noticed a special board meeting for Sept. 5, 2019 to receive public comment and then consider a resolution approving the construction of two new elementary schools on one site. There was no public comment for or against the resolution. The Board approved the resolution 4-0.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Ellensburg School District Board of Directors hereby accepts the construction of the two new elementary schools on the existing Mount Stuart site as final and the Board authorizes the Architect and Contractor to proceed with design and construction.

The Mount Stuart campus is shovel ready.

The current Mount Stuart and the new school drawings are each three classrooms short when compared to documents supporting the November 2018 school bond.


Pat Kelleher



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