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To the Editor:

I write today to express my gratitude to some excellent candidates who have come forward and are will to serve our congressional and legislative district representatives. Dr. Kim Schrier is ready to serve as our congresswoman in D.C. and Sylvia Hammond is more than ready to go to Olympia where I believe she will restore genuine concern for all citizens (whatever their party) and decency to the 13th Legislative District position now contested.

Kim Schrier is very focused and committed to ensuring that access to health care reaches all of us including those of us fighting opioid addiction She knows that a healthy person is an asset to their community. Healthy people build productive communities and are essential to a strong economy. She knows that education is essential too, and that the younger we get started learning in life the better citizens we will be. Dr. Schrier may not know all the "ins and outs" of the issues unique to Central Washington yet — but she’s smart, a good listener and not afraid to work hard. I trust her.

Add Sylvia Hammond in Olympia, and we are assured of a moderate representative with a highly principled open mind, well as a truly careful and thoughtful listener — something we have not had there for some time. I respect her for being willing to put aside her safe and comfortable life and stepping forward to serve our district. Sylvia Hammond is mature, courageous, and believes in people. Her experience as a teacher, mother, farmer and engaged citizen will serve her (and us) well in Olympia. I’m sure Judy Warnack and Tom Dent will find her an excellent colleague.

Please, join me in giving Kim Schrier and Sylvia Hammond your vote in November. It is time for a fresh start in D.C. and Olympia and Kim Schrier and Sylvia Hammond will do it very well.

Martha Duskin-Smith


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