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To the Editor:

I rarely write an opinion as I truly believe in our freedom of speech. However daily as I drive on the Kittitas Highway and see the flashing neon sign on the corner with this owner's opinions — I have not said anything however today that changed for me. I find it demeaning to women, slanderous and truly saddening that someone would call any woman a HO on their billboard for all to read, and to call the vice president that is also horrific.

There is a time in which freedom of speech is slander and defamation of character to individual's and this is what he has accomplished — which is truly sad! I wonder how he would feel is someone called his mother wife or sister that slanderous phrase in huge neon letters on a gigantic sign for all to see-

I hope that he can think about truly what he puts on this sign and do it in a way in which he is not so rude to women and all persons of any race sex religion or political preference.

Teresa Beckett


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