Support voting to retain Stacey Bankston Engel on City Council

To the Editor:

I support Stacey Bankston Engel for the Ellensburg City Council. First let me write that I have known Stacey and her family for several years. She graduated from Central Washington University in Construction Management where she was honored with an academic scholarship and an athletic (soccer) scholarship. In addition Stacey was appointed to significant university student executive positions in the Offices of the President and VP for Student Affairs. She was also a student in the study abroad program in Australia.

A brief review of Stacey’s qualifications and work accomplishments are based around a variety of work experiences involving construction management, farming, a vendor at our downtown Farmers Market, business sales, consulting and as a community volunteer. I strongly resonate with the latter!

A year ago Stacey was appointed to her present position in the Ellensburg City Council. In this capacity she has been actively involved with a variety of boards and commissions related to city affairs. These areas include a city grant program, parks, recreation and housing.

So my descriptive words for Stacey include caring, an active hard working policy maker and all the while being a solid Bankston family member with mom, dad, husband, her four boys, aunt, sisters, and brother in laws.

Because of the above listed accomplishments and energy I endorse Stacey to be retained as an Ellensburg City Council member. Vote for her.

Jim Pappas

emeritus administrator/professor CWU, Ellensburg


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