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To the Editor:

Currently there is out there a survey and request for response from property owners regarding wildfire risk and response in Kittitas County. Evidently this is sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Idaho.

Yes, the risk of a wildfire combined with the typical 20 mile per hour wind in Kittitas County and depending on where the fire starts, can destroy a lot of property.

People that own property outside the incorporated limited of a city township can very much be at risk depending on where they build their homes, especially if it is in a timbered area. That is the risk you take.

When your go through the survey and answer the questions, read between the lines. Your are being set up to completely waive any right to property to satisfy the dictates of government and the so-called public interest.

Let’s be truthful about a wildfire and the magnitude in the Kittitas County when it potentially can occur, a good example is Cle Elum Ridge.

These wildfires create weather conditions internally such as fire-created wind storms tornadoes, which carry fire debris and embers for miles in the air. If such a fire occurs on the ridge, the best thing to do is vacate and let the big guns, airplanes, come in to control the wildfire and not be expected to spend their time and resources on independent houses located within.

Some common sense procedures may be helpful, like cleaning up combustible material like brush, pine needles, fire-wising trees around your place, but in a wildfire probably only slow the progression of a wildfire by a minute?

Dave Bridgeman

Cle Elum

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