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We must all take responsibility for racial discrimination

To the Editor:

Following the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a local teacher in Burlington — a town of 11,000 residents — introduced a lesson to her students on racism. Local leadership received some angry input from the community.

Eventually the school board openly supported the teacher’s lesson and supported the Black Lives Matter Movement stating “There is no neutrality when pursuing equity. The fact that we even need to specifically say that Black Lives Matter to affirm the importance of human beings is to say that we as a nation have not done a good job of regarding black and brown people as valuable members of our society historically or currently,” they affirmed.

It was co-signed by the Burlington police chief, the National Equity Project, as well as the Burlington Coalition for Dismantling Racism.

We, as a nation and culture, must collectively take responsibility for racial discrimination. The Civil War did not end racism or the subjugation of the blacks and brown in our country. Laws now labeled ‘Jim Crow’ continued to oppress and were enacted between 1876 and 1965. Generally, they required ‘separate but equal’ facilities based on race in public places. Do you think it was just the southern states? 39 states had segregation laws. Go to and search ‘List of Jim Crow law examples by state’. Jim Crow laws institutionalized a number of economic, educational and social disadvantages. Prior to the Civil War, pro-slavery politicians flagrantly upheld laws that supported the ownership of people.

History reveals the roots and awful nature of systemic racism. Oppressed people are generations of populations living with trauma which changes everything about their lives. Any individual that has experienced an emotionally painful, sudden, and uncontrollable racist encounter is at risk of suffering from a traumatic injury. Google ‘racial trauma’ for insight into this topic.

As a nation and culture, we must acknowledge our responsibility today and for as long as our nation exists. Meaningful reform is an ongoing process and only with this as our abiding policy will we be able to serve the generations of Americans that follow.

Support local conversations and action by leadership to recognize and change systemic and cultural racism. We might begin by establishing local school curricula which bring these discussions into our classrooms for every age.

Can’t we all agree that there is no neutrality when pursuing equity?

Meghan Anderson


The aliens may already be hereTo the Editor:

The space aliens are due any time now … 2020 just keeps getting worse.

The socialists continued their now fourth year of false attacks with no evidence against our president. Then communist China infects the entire world with a virus. Many people begin dying and economic prosperity and freedom are suspended as a result. The global “experts” pontificate gloom and doom while we wait. Our president is attacked for taking action and then again for not taking enough action. Meanwhile they just keep pontificating and arguing while our president stays optimistic and steps up positive efforts to find therapeutics and vaccines while the attacks continued.

All of a sudden America is racist again. It must be burned down and its history destroyed by organized socialist mobs. Law enforcement is the enemy. Criminal activity is sympathized with and enabled. All forms of violence and virus rates skyrocket. Wildfires erupt. Mass hysteria! Dogs and cats living together! Our president gets the blame again. Socialist governors and mayors get a pass and do nothing except criminalize freedom, complain about global warming and how racist we all are while we struggle to hold on. Somehow they keep getting elected and things keep getting worse.

Now, after massive nationwide rallies supporting our president compared to weak parking lot horn honk sessions in “swing states” for a confused lifetime losing politician, we are to believe that new balloting procedures and rules are legitimate. The socialists in control of elections and false polling are to be trusted. There should be no investigations into election integrity/fraud now that the socialists have their way. We may get sleepy Joe until his actual corruption with Russia, China, and Ukraine while VP is exposed. There is evidence up the ying-yang! If not, the socialists will use the 25th amendment to kick him out for their real choice, comrade Kamala. Then we had better become united against America or else!

The aliens will arrive last to round out 2020. Hope they are friendly. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Annie get your gun. They may want to subjugate the whole world! Oh wait … they may already be here and just look like us in the form of global socialists!

“This boy is ignorance … this girl is want. Beware them both but most of all beware this boy” C. Dickens, Ghost of Christmas Present.

Dan Miles



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